Video: Range Rover crosses Empty Quarter

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 DESERT TREK: Land Rover has released a short documentary film on the new Range Rover Sport's challenge across the Empty Quarter desert in November 2013. Image: ~ Youtube
LONDON, England - Land Rover has made an epic video of its new Range Rover Sport trekking 850km through the world's biggest sand desert at full speed. Sit back and take a ride as you watch the challenge.

The YouTube video features behind-the-scenes images with off-road racer Moi Torrallardona as he pilots the standard vehicle to a record crossing time of 10 hours and 22 minutes through the Empty Quarter desert.

Watch the Range Rover Sport video

The second instalment of the Driven Challenges follows the new Range Rover Sport setting the production SUV speed record at Pikes Peak in June 2013.

Land Rover says the video tracks the team’s 849km journey from Wadi Adda Wasir in Saudi Arabia to the border of the United Arab Emirates. The team completed the challenge on November 3 2013, driving at an average speed of 82km/h.

The Empty Quarter includes four countries on the Arabian peninsula: Saudi Arabia, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Temperatures regularly rise above 50°C.


The automaker says: “The short film features spectacular views from inside and outside the vehicle, as well as beautiful shots of the barren environment that the team faced the largest sand desert in the world. 

“Viewers will see the new Range Rover Sport pummel the desert flats at full speed, tip toe down the steepest sand dunes and navigate a myriad obstacles - including camels appearing from nowhere. Sand storms, immense heat and punishing jumps are just some of the challenges that pushed man and machine to the limit.”

Behind-the-scenes footage shows the man behind the drive with  47 year-old Torrallardona’s physical and mental endurance that led to his success. He said:

“The Empty Quarter was an incredible challenge, one that will live with me for the rest of my life. The Range Rover Sport was the ideal tool for conquering the desert and it is great to be able to relive the challenge through this short documentary.”

The Range Rover Sport has a five-litre supercharged V8 petrol engine pushing out 375kW and runs on standard tyres. The only modification was an underbody protection plate.

The class-leading Land Rover all-terrain capability, breakthrough lightweight suspension design and innovative dynamic chassis technologies, Land Rover says, all helped the new Range Rover Sport conquer one of its toughest challenges yet.

Developed alongside the highly acclaimed Range Rover, the new Range Rover Sport is more assertive with a muscular exterior, has a more luxurious interior, optional third-row seating and is 420kg lighter than before.