Tips to get your battery holiday-ready

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 HAVE YOU CHECKED YOURS? Before setting out for a holiday road trip make sure you check your vehicle and its battery. Image: Battery Centre ~ Supplied

The 2014/2015 year-end holiday period is fast approaching. We hope you've planned your accommodation, itinerary and road-trip but have you made sure your car and its battery are holiday-ready?

Marketing director of First National Battery, Andrew Webb, said: “There is no precise way to predict when your battery will fail but regular battery checks can help ensure everything is in top working condition.

“It’s particularly important to check your battery before holidays and long trips to avoid unforeseen problems.”


Drivers should be mindful of maintaining their car's battery. Older batteries can struggle during summer heat, especially if there’s a sudden and continuous use of the air-conditioner and other electrical accessories.

Webb comments: “Modern vehicles with a small grilleoften have high under-bonnet temperatures which can lead to battery problems that shorten battery life.”

Older car batteries require that battery water is regularly topped-up; most new ones are maintenance-free under normal operating conditions.

Webb said: “If you turn on the ignition and the car doesn’t start or the starter motor is experiencing slow or interrupted turnover or the headlights dim at idle, it's possible that your battery needs to be replaced.”