6 tips for maintaining your car battery

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Many people have experienced the crushing disappointment and frustration of putting the key into the ignition of car, turning it and hearing nothing but silence. A flat battery can ruin your holiday.

Marketing director of Battery Centre Andrew Webb said:  “What most people don’t realise is that there are actually simple steps you can take to look after the health and overall longevity of your car battery.”

Here are Battery Centre’s top six tips for ensuring maximum battery life:

1 Check that the terminals on your battery are clean and clear of corrosion.
2 Make sure connections are secure, to avoid loss of power.
3 If you’re storing your car for an extended period, disconnect the negative terminal from the battery to stop it from running flat.
4 Taking a short drive around the block won’t “recharge” a flat battery. You would need to drive a considerable distance to ensure your battery is sufficiently charged to start your car. Rather disconnect the battery and place on a bench charge.
5 Make sure you know how to correctly jump-start your car. Jumpstarting incorrectly can cause major damage to the vehicle’s systems. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting a jump start.
6 Have your battery and vehicle electrical system checked once a year or before any extended journeys.

Webb said:  “If you’re experiencing any problems starting your car and suspect the battery might be playing up, just pull into the closest Battery Centre for a free check-up.”