Amateur mechanic's car goes up in flames

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 FANNING THE FLAMES: The driver of this flame-wrecked Mazda Miata learned, we hope, a valuable lesson in fire safety. Image: YOUTUBE ~ Youtube
A video uploaded to YouTube teaches us that if the engine bay of your classic roadster is on fire, you shouldn't treat it like a birthday cake and attempt to blow out the flames orally. Watch a driver fail spectacularly while tinkering on his ride!

The 2013 holiday season is almost upon us and you might consider working on your ride. If you do plan to perform any repairs or modifications, it's important to consider fire safety.

Video: Amateur mechanic's car goes up in flames

A video uploaded to YouTube shows a youngster working on his Mazda MX-5. He has the engine hoisted and proceeds to start it.


Thus began a series of poor decisions culminating in his ride going up in flames.

The driver’s attempts to start the engine resulted in a blaze. He then treats the fire as a birthday cake by, we’re not joking, attempting to blow out the flames orally.

His oral extinguishing methods only serve to fan the flames which spread to the undercarriage and atop the bonnet. The blaze momentarily engulfs him causing severe burns.

Driver Shawn Prince shared his experiences: "I mounted the car, via modified subframe and hooked a hoist on the rear to keep the engine level. I hooked up all the fuel lines and gave it a go. This resulted in a horrendous fire.

"The reason for the fire was that the ignition timing was off and fuel pressure at the regulator was too high. I killed fuel and spark and I kept turning the engine over so it would suck the fire back into the engine therefore extinguishing the fire but that didn't work and I did not have a fire extinguisher so I grabbed the hose."

How not to put out a fire: