Toyota, Nissan issue huge recall in SA

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 HUGE TOYOTA RECALL: Toyota SA reports that thousands of its vehicles built from 2002 to 2007, such as its 2006 Corolla (pictured here), are affected by its May 2015 recall. Image: Quicpic ~ Quickpic

On Wednesday (May 13), Wheels24 reported that Japan's three biggest automakers are expanding the already huge global recall triggered by potentially lethal air bags made by Takata Corporation.

Toyota and Nissan are recalling some 6.5-million vehicles globally.Honda said it would follow suit but did publish numbers, though a Honda US spokesperson said any action would not affect cars sold in the US.

Takata is facing multiple class-action law suits in the US and Canada as well as a US criminal investigation and a regulatory probe.


Wheels24 reached out to local automakers to find out whether South African owners are affected. Both Toyota and Nissan responded.

Thousands of local owners are affected...


Toyota SA said it would replace air-bag inflators in its Corolla, RunX and Yaris models (built from 2002 to 2007) and in its Rav4, Hilux and Fortuners (from July 2003 to December 2005).

The following table was issued by Toyota SA:

Toyota SA told Wheels24:" Certain types of airbag inflators manufactured by Takata were found to have a potential for moisture intrusion over time. As a result, they could be susceptible to abnormal deployment in a crash.

"The relationship of moisture intrusion, if any, to the risk of inflator rupture is not known. To date, no injuries or fatalities caused by this condition have been reported in the approximately 5-million vehicles affected globally.

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"The recall campaign will commence once all the required components are available at local Toyota dealers. Affected owners will then be notified by a Toyota dealer to bring their vehicle in for the service action. Please note that the replacement of the component will take one to two hours at no cost of the owner. "

To check if your vehicle is affected log onto Toyota's website (from May 15 2015) or contact the Toyota Call Centre on 0800 139 111. Make sure you write down your vehicle’s VIN number.


Nissan South Africa confirmed that certain previous generation Almeras could be affected. The automaker said: "Previous generation Nissan Almeras, manufactured in Rosslyn, from 2004 to 2007 are potentially affected."

Nissan is recalling its X-Trail globally due to defective air-bag inflators. Nissan SA confirms that local X-Trail SUVs are not affected.

The automaker also stated that owners would be notified in June 2015 and that its recall campaign would come at no cost to owners.

Nissan SA said: "As part of an ongoing investigation into Takata inflator issues, the Nissan Group announced today that it will expand the ongoing Takata Passenger air-ag inflator recall campaign to include additional MY2004-MY2007 vehicles equipped with “SPI” inflators.

"Nissan plans to begin notifying customers beginning in June. Nissan dealers will test the subject inflators, and replace the inflator as necessary."


Nissan SA explains its recall: "In areas of high absolute humidity such as the Gulf Coast of the United States, the subject inflators have already been recalled and will be replaced without testing.  This recall will be carried out at no cost to the customers for parts or labour.

"In South Africa, the previous generation Nissan Almera produced in the Rosslyn plant is potentially affected.

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