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 SOMEBODY WILL OWE YOU FOR THIS: Stealing from cars might be this guy's thing but getting money owed to you is what OneLaw does best. On a no win, no pay basis. ~ Shutterstock
Debt recovery company OneLaw offers a claims platform with convenient online case submission and a 'no success, no fee' policy.

Scenario 1:  Someone owes you rent. You are frustrated. It's become uncomfortable contacting your tenant just to hear another excuse.

Scenario 2:  Someone caused damage to your vehicle or property due to an accident or negligence.

It was not your fault and you might not be insured. Or you might be insured, but the guilty party is not, so now the expenses are for your account – although the other person should be paying up.

OneLaw offers a claims platform with convenient online case submission and a no-success-no-fee policy.


Over the past 12 years, OneLaw (Pty) Ltd established itself as one of South Africa's most effective debt collection facilitators.

Our innovative business model, prestigious infrastructure and thorough knowledge of the market enable us to deliver specialist services to the legal industry focused on debt collection.

We boast a remarkable success rate and are trusted to facilitate debt recovery for some of the largest financial institutions in South Africa.

The process is simple, yet successful.

• You submit the details of your case on, along with the required documentation.
• You appoint an attorney from our panel of legal firms.
• The debt case is evaluated.

This involves us tracing the debtor, determining the debtor's employment status and evaluating the merits of your case.


If the case is not viable to pursue through the legal process, there is no charge for work done up to this stage.

• If the attorney has reasonable expectation of a successful claim against the debtor, the debt collection is pursued on your behalf.
• A consultant personally meets with the debtor to discuss the situation, to negotiate an amount and to obtain the required, signed documentation to secure payment.
• If the debtor does not pay the amount in full or sign a debit order for monthly deduction, an emoluments attachment order (EAO) is obtained.

The EAO obliges the debtor's employer to legally deduct monthly payments from the debtor's salary.

• The money is paid to the attorney in fixed, monthly instalments, as agreed with the debtor or as ordered by the court.
• The money is transferred to you in monthly instalments.

If an EAO was obtained and it is performing, you have the option to sell your debt contract at a discounted price on the Cambist Online Platform (

The Cambist Online Platform offers you the opportunity to cede your debt for an agreed settlement fee.

• We proceed with the facilitation of the funds recovery until the debt is settled and the case is closed.


OneLaw's debt collection platform offers you the opportunity to recover funds you otherwise probably never would have been able to recover yourself.

We are the specialists. No success, no fee.

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