Video: Russian road explodes

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 MEANWHILE IN RUSSIA… A dash cam captured the moment a road in Russia exploded. ~ Youtube
South Africans travelling during the 2013 holiday season may count themselves lucky if all they encounter on our roads our potholes. In Russia the streets are out to get you as a bizarre video shows a scene that wouldn't be out of place in a Hollywood Blockbuster - a road exploding.

Video: Russian road explodes

The video, filmed in Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya Oblast, showed how a massive section of road is lifted into the air due to an explosion.


The dash cam-equipped car slowed down for a red traffic light and a vehicle overtaking on the right. Seconds later the vehicle smashed into the now raised section of road.

In the video, the stunned driver can be seen getting tentatively out of his/her vehicle. At 0:41 seconds the video is replayed in slow-motion.