Recognising the safety of all road-users

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 RESPONSIBLE DRIVING: Whether you're a driver, rider or pedestrian, road safety is the responsibility of all road-users. Image: Shutterstock ~ Wheels24
Try to recognise potentially dangerous drivers on and pedestrians alongside the road and keep well clear of them.

Try to keep children away from roads - the roads are not the place to play.

When waking near traffic – avoid distractions and be visible.

• Drivers must be aware of pedestrians and animals on the open road, especially near rural areas.

Bikers should drive with lights on and wear protective clothing at all times.

Bikers should never hang out in a truck’s blind spot or “no-zone.”

Be extra cautious, paying attention to the signals and brake lights of other vehicles, especially trucks.

When cycling during the holidays remember that there is strength in numbers.

Do not cycle alone, rather find a partner to cycle with you - Having a partner can be critical in the event of an emergency.

Inform friends and family when you will be cycling, the road you will be cycling on and when you will return.

Carry a fully charged cellphone with you so you can request assistance in the event of an emergency.

The law requires that you cycle in single fie and wear a helmet.