Reader: Top 6 bad driving habits

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 THEY'RE HERE, THEY'RE THERE, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE: Minibus taxis are not everybody's favourite - in fact they're the bane of this Wheels24 reader's life. See why - and be careful out there... ~ Shutterstock
TOP DRIVING PEEVES: Wheels24 reader MARK ABRAMS believes that many drivers are emulating the poor road behaviour demonstrated by taxis on our roads. Not a good idea to arrive safe...

Wheels24 reader MARK ABRAMS says that since taxis are getting away with ignoring traffic rules other drivers are following suit. He lists his top six bad driving habits:

Taxis, taxis, taxis… you name it, they do it. The result is that other drivers disobey the rules of the road because taxi drivers get away with it. I’m not surprised there is road rage.

1 No accountability for transgressions.
2 No conscience on the road and a “couldn’t give a damn attitude”. 
3 Throwing cigarette butts and other litter out of the vehicle.
4 Slow drivers in fast lanes.
5 Insufficient knowledge of road rules.
6 The misuse of traffic circles and ignorance about to how they work.

Please, try not to do any of the above as you drive around during your year-end holiday.

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