Reader: 'Fire corrupt cops'

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 VISIBLE ROAD POLICING: Wheels24 reader MICHAEL FARRELL calls for visible road policing, unroadworthy vehicles impounded and for all corrupt officers to be fired. Image: SAPA ~ SAPA
"Stop sitting on the side of the road and harassing the public." Wheels24 reader MICHAEL FARRELL calls for more visible road policing in response to the National transport minister Dipuo Peters calling for road users "to educate one another".

We need more active and visible road policing. In other words STOP sitting on the side of the road randomly harassing the public. Officers should get into the flow of traffic and be a visible deterrent.

Fines cited to commercial vehicles including taxis should go to BOTH the driver and the owner/operator. This way the owner/operators will begin to cull bad drivers as it will cost them money.

All commercial vehicles (taxis) found to be lacking proper turn signals, headlights or other safety equipment should be impounded. The only mechanism for release - the payment of any fines.

The vehicle should be consigned to a repair facility via tow truck for repairs prior to being allowed back on the road.

Fire with immediate effect any and all road traffic officials, police or others that accept or solicit bribes.

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