OneLaw: It is #NotOK

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What should you do if your tenant hasn't paid rent? How can you track them down if they've run off without paying? Debt recovery specialist has a simple message for those dealing with unscrupulous tenants - "Someone owes you property rent? That's not OK. OneLaw can help."

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Someone owes you property rent? That's not OK. OneLaw can help…

I don't know where my tenant is. He disappeared. What now?

No worries. Our 180 tracing consultants handle 30 000 – 35 000 tracing calls per day. Our advanced infrastructure and systematic processes gives us a brilliant advantage. We'll find your tenant.

How do I know you'll get the rent if I've already tried without any luck?
We facilitate debt collection for attorneys acting on behalf of some of the largest financial institutions in the country. We are experts in our field. We also operate on a no-success-no-fee basis, so you won't lose anything by handing over the case to us.

What's criteria for helping me to recover the outstanding rent?
You need to have a formal lease agreement with a private individual (not a company). The rent needs to be overdue. You also need to have access to the internet (to upload the case) and e-mail or fax (for document signing).

I already have another tenant. Does that matter?
It does not matter if the former tenant owing you rent is no longer in occupation.

You seem to be experts at facilitating debt recovery. Can you manage my monthly rent collection as well?

We deal only in the recovery of overdue or outstanding property rent. Unfortunately, we don't administer monthly rental collections.

How do I receive my money?
The tenant will pay the attorney, who will transfer the money to you in monthly instalments. The amount and the duration of payment will depend on the negotiations with the tenant.

I would have preferred to receive my money all at once. How long do I need to wait to receive full payment?
Once an emoluments attachment order has been obtained, you will receive your payments in monthly instalments as per the court order, alternatively you'll have the option to sell your debt contract at discount on the Cambist Online Platform . This will enable you to receive your money in a discounted lump sum, instead of waiting for monthly payments.

How do I make use of your services?
It's easy. Cases are conveniently submitted online. Visit and we'll take it from there.