Never again fear parallel parking

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 PARKING? NO PROBLEM... Nissan's next Qashqai can parallel, slot and box park, all on its own. Image: Nissan UK ~ Supplied
Nissan believes its upcoming Qashqai, due in South Africa early in 2014, has "first-in-class" technologies and one of them is an advanced self-parking system.

Not only does it do parallel parking (kinda old hat, now) but also slot and box parking, using cameras and computers.

Watch the demo movie

In short, Nissan says, "it is the world’s most parkable car". So here's how 'Nissan Park Assist' works...


Parallel parking, the automaker says, is one of the most stressful parts of urban driving. That's relieved by the system incorporating Nissan’s 'Around View Monitor' which automatically measures the size of an available parallel parking space,

Park Assist then takes care of steering into the space with the driver controlling just the accelerator and brake - or just the brake, if an auto model.

The advanced parking system requires a space only 80cm longer than the Qashqai to be automatically steer the car neatly into position, saving time and avoiding damage to wheels, tyres and bodywork. It can also assist with bay parking, the driver benefiting from the ‘helicopter view’ provided by the Around View Monitor to guide him through the process.

Once the system has detected the white lines of an empty bay (required for the system to operate) it will automatically park inside them.

Around View Monitor uses cameras mounted on the tailgate, grille and beneath each external mirror to complete a 360-degree picture. Images from the camera are displayed on a new and larger 18cm Nissan Connect screen. The cameras are self-cleaning, with water and air jets should image quality deteriorate.


The same cameras can detect if something moves into critical areas around the car and give an audible warning from the parking sensors while highlighting the relevant area on the Nissan Connect screen.

The Qashqai is also available with front and rear parking sensors that deliver audible warnings to the driver when manoeuvring as well as a visual display via the Qashqai’s dashboard combimeter.

Now when somebody says "park it", you can...!