Horror crash: Driver loses it at 336km/h

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 IS THIS THE WORST LAND SPEED CRASH YET? Brian Gillespie is lucky to have escaped with his life following a horror crash in California. Image: YOUTUBE ~ Youtube
Honda driver Brian Gillespie suffered a terrifying ordeal during a land speed record event in California, US. Watch as a video captured the horrifying moment he loses control of his modified Insight while travelling at 336km/h!

Driver Brian Gillespie was severely injured during at a Land Speed Racing event held at El Mirage Dry Lake in California, USA.

Video: Horror crash at 336km/h

A video uploaded to YouTube captured the moment Gillespie lost control of his modified Honda Insight while travelling at 336km/h. The car rolled several times before crashing into the ground.

The video shows how Gillespie was driving at extreme speeds for 20 seconds on a dusty track before spinning his vehicle. You spot the vehicle disintegrating with each subsequent crash before ending up on its roof.

It's unclear whether the crash was caused by crosswinds, surface change, mechanical or driver failure.

The Southern California Timing Association wrote: " He was admitted with a collapsed lung, a cut on his shin and severe bruising around the head. He is progressing very well; sitting up, talking - still sharp as a tack. All the vehicle's safety equipment functioned perfectly."

The Hasport Honda Insight was the 2013 points leader. Gillespie was advised by doctors that he would take at least a month to recover.