Emergency stops and crashes

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 LIVE-SAVING TIPS: One can easily forget the correct steps to follow after a car crash. Image: Shutterstock ~ Shutterstock
 • Try to avoid stopping on the highway. If possible, use the next off ramp to stop in a more public area where you can stretch, refresh and/or take a break from driving.

 • Have emergency numbers inside your vehicle or on your cell phone.

 • Keep essential roadside equipment with you as many breakdowns are caused by relatively minor problems. Items include a fist aid kit, tow rope, warning triangles, torch and fie extinguisher.

 • In the event of a crash, determine the extent of the damage or injuries and assess whether or not medical attention is required.

 • Take a photo of the incident and file an accident report with the police as you will need a case number for your insurance company to fie a claim. Remember to record names, addresses, telephone and ID numbers of everyone involved in the crash.