E-tolls: You can still have a say!

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 WE’RE NOT BUYING IT SANRAL: Many Wheels24 readers expressed their concerns at Sanral’s dubious e-toll affordability claims. ~ SAPA
Gauteng road users will face the reality of more toll roads from December 3 but the fight to kill the unwanted system goes on. Want to do your bit?

Wheels24 believes the whole deal is decidedly underhanded and that the money paid by road users will go everywhere but back into tar, painted lines and general road maintenance - you might think otherwise, and that's cool.

Watch and listen to the facts and then...

...use your vote... just click on this link and vote– no names required … just Yes or No.


As per a recent Carte Blanche programme, if a million people don't register and refuse to pay for e-tolls the entire system will collapse, say those committed to the system's demise.

"E-toll cannot prosecute you because they will be restricting your movement which is against your constitutional rights.' Fair point but many more are made in the video."

The vote organisers say a million votes are needed and they're well past halfway.

Now copy the URL on this story (www.wheels24.co.za/News/E-tolls-You-can-still-have-a-say-20131128-2) and send it to everybody on your email address list or in your inbox and ask them to vote, too.

Read what News24 reader Mondi Magwaza has to say about the situation.
Video: Why e-tolls make no sense