Driving in heels: Why is it so dangerous?

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 FASHION OVER FUNCTION: Female drivers should have a comfortable pair of driving shoes to change into before heading out in heels. Image: SHUTTERSTOCK ~ Shutterstock
Crash avoidance and bringing the vehicle to a sudden stop requires not only effective brakes, but also the ability to react swiftly and apply adequate pressure to the brake pedal.

Despite this awareness, few drivers pay enough attention to the footwear that will  best enable them to control their vehicle safely! In a recent survey many female drivers confessed that their choice of what to wear was based on what went best with their outfit.

Female drivers are often warned of the risks of driving with high heels but why is this so dangerous?

For safe driving the heel of your foot needs to be on the floor to apply the correct controlled pressure on the pedals - this requires you to use your heel as a pivot. The accelerator and brake pedals should be used with the heel on the floor.

Having the heel of your foot resting on the car floor allows a driver to move from the accelerator to the brake faster and easier and to apply controlled pressure on the pedals.

Why is driving in heels so dangerous:

1 High heels elevate your foot and distort the ability to measure how much pressure needs to be applied.
2 Heels offer reduced grip due to an uncomfortable driving position.
3 Drivers are at risk of having their heel caught in the floor mat.
4 If your heel is wedged under the pedals or stuck on the carpet/floor mat you might not be able to react swiftly if you’re reacted to brake or accelerate.
The only thing worse than high heels is platform wedges as they combine high heels and thick soles.
Female drivers should have a comfortable pair of driving shoes to change into before driving.

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