Don't text and drive... Shoot or steal!

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Texting while driving is dangerous at the best of times but what if you're a professional bagman being chased by crooks in helicopters? Ireland's safety watchdogs have released a video game-inspired PSA in an attempt to educate younger drivers. Watch the video!

Insurance specialist Setanta and the Irish Road Safety Authority have teamed-up to release a Public Service Announcement highlighting the danger's of texting while driving.

To appeal to younger drivers, the film  titled 'Wheelman' by Rory Nestor, uses CGI for a Gran-Theft Auto-inspired PSA.

Video: 'Wheelman' - anti texting and driving film


In the film you can watch a criminal 'bagman' engage in a high-speed chase behind the wheel of a Chevrolet Camaro with other near-do-wells. The film shows the protagonist battling his way past gunman and firing and indeed blowing up vehicles (is the PSA implying these things are okay?).

The clip ends with our protagonist receiving a text and while attempting to read it, drives through a red traffic light and is hit by a speeding truck.

The film states: "Your mobile makes you four times more likely to crash. It won't kill you to put it away."

Moral of the video - Don't text and drive.