Delight the kids in Durban

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 uSHAKA MARINE WORLD: If you're visiting Durban this Christmas holiday don't miss the delights of uShaka - we've been there, it's great. ~ Supplied
One of South Africa's most popular Christmas season destinations is Durban - even the drive there can be fun if you stop along the way. It's about five hours from Jozi and even a two or three-day family trip from Cape Town can be relaxing.

Just take it easy - you're on holiday, after all...

So, when you reach Sunshine City, here are nine things to do and places to go while you're there...


1 Durban's Golden Mile: the Golden 6km is a popular self-guided walking tour. It received its name from the Portuguese explorers who referred to the sea sand along the coast as the ‘Sands of Gold'.

2 Ride the waves! The best thing about Durban is its beaches. They've got white sand with warm, tropical seas and great waves. So hit that board!

3 uShaka Marine Park: the park is a wonderful place to go for kids of all ages (up to age 99!). The aquarium of the park offers unique views of the tanks from above as well as below. They even have a snorkel tank that offers a similar environment to diving off the coast, with better visibility and no dangerous creatures!

The water park is designed for kids and offers some really interesting rides, including a tube ride that takes you through the aquarium.

4 Durban Harbour tour: tours are offered by day or night and there is even a deep sea whale watching cruise.

5 Be on the lookout! Watch the ships come in while enjoying family dinner at a restaurant

6 Sea World Aquarium. This outstanding aquarium is linked to the dolphinarium where delightful dolphin, seal and penguin shows take place throughout the day. Scuba divers feed fish, giant turtles and stingrays by hand, and fearsome sharks raise feelings of awe.

7 Water Wonderland: Durban's only amusement park, situated on the Marine Parade opposite the Edward Hotel. It's filled with exciting rides, bumper cars, and children's carousel and kiddies' rides. Experience the swing boat, break dancers or view the majestic Durban from a helicopter.

8 Natal Sharks Board: This organisation ensures that our beaches are safe to swim in and manage the shark nets along a 320km coastline. The home base in Umhlanga Rocks is an interesting place to visit. You'll have a fantastic insight into these mysterious and much-feared creatures of the deep. Also, you'll get to see the research team dissect a shark, caught in the nets. Who knows what you might discover in the bellies!

9 Ride a rickshaw: Typical of Durban this fun ride is a must. Your ‘puller' can make it fun for the kids by jumping up and down. I'm not quite sure if adults will like that though!

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