Car troll: How to stay poker-faced

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 HOW TO STAY CALM: A woman loses control of her car and rolls it in the process. However, she seems to be a pro and remains perfectly calm as if this is the norm. Image: ~ Youtube
Losing control of your car in and rolling it violently can be pretty daunting. Not for this lady... She must have taken "how to stay calm" lessons from Chuck Norris.

A YouTube video shows a woman driving in snowy conditions. She loses control of her car on a small bend. We can only assume her tyres did not have enough grip on the road or it made contact with wet grass/snow. Her car rolls and she remains rather calm, as if she's probably done this a few times.

Watch the calm lady crash VIDEO

According to the video posted on YouTube, Dec 10 2013, Frisco68 said: "A friend of mine had crashed her car.

Luckily, nobody got hurt. Have to admire how she keeps her cool though, I'd be bummin' had this happened to me. Hell, I'd be dead, since I drive a Renault Supercinq. (Think Renault Supermini from the 1980's)"

Frisco later updated his post and said: "Your comments are hilarious, keep 'em coming! She had a good laugh this morning, which she could surely use. And a new car. And more driving lessons. Maybe a shorter chain so she can't get out of the kitchen."