Battery Centre's six-second test

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So you’ve packed the kids, luggage and ensured your house is locked up. You turn on the ignition of your holiday ride but instead of the sonorous roar of an engine... with silence. Being stranded by a flat battery can ruin a holiday road-trip.


Battery Centre is offering readers the chance to win one of three Raylite Ultimate AGM car batteries worth R2500 from November - December 2013 as part of Wheels24’s Holiday road trip special!

Winners will be informed and directed to a Battery Centre where the battery will be fitted by one of the company’s specialists.

It’s as simple as reading the following and clicking here for our competition:


Battery Centre has a new battery-tester and its algorithm is optimised for testing new, unused and in-stock batteries. It has a USB port to download the test reports and it can store up to 100 reports at any given time. A built-in thermal printer also allows customers to receive an immediate print out of their battery test results.

Webb said: “Getting your battery tested at Battery Centre will give you a true assessment of the remaining battery life, empowering you with the right knowledge to make an informed decision about replacing your battery.”

The test takes six seconds and the mobility of the device means that on-site testing can be conducted. Through the use of the optional ‘amp clamp’ the tester can also be used to conduct extended tests for 12V and 24V starting and charging systems.

Webb said: “At Battery Centre we pride ourselves on conducting thorough and proper free battery checks – we will never sell a battery simply because it is asked for. By equipping Battery Centre outlets with state-of-the-art testing equipment, we can ensure our customers’ needs are fully understood and serviced.”

The new battery tester has been rolled out to Battery Centre outlets across SA and all battery testing is conducted completely free of charge. To make an informed decision about battery replacement, call Battery Centre toll-free on 0800 112  600 or visit