Advanced driving for SA youngsters

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 SPECIAL TRAINING FOR YOUNGSTERS: Participants at the Monroe advanced driving school will be taught many facets of safe driving. Image: MONROE ~ Supplied
The South African K53 exam and driving test teaches potential drivers rules of the road and how to pass a driving test but in practice does little help road users overcome potential threats on the road. Shock-absorber manufacturer Monroe launched an advanced driving school for younger drivers in South Africa.

Video: Monroe youth advanced driving school SA
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The school in based at the Gerotek testing grounds west of Pretoria.

Monroe, in association with the Adrenalin Specialised Driving Academy, is offering an almost 50% subsidy to put less-advantaged youngsters through an advanced driving course. Wheels24 attended the course earlier in 2013.

Andrew Antonis, manager of Monroe SA, said: "Although there are a number of factors contributing to the high accident rate we have chosen to address driving skills but not just over the high-accident periods such as Easter and Christmas but 365 days a year.

“Monroe’s focus has always been on safety and we already offer free shock-absorber tests and support road-safety campaigns such as The Road Safety Foundation and Pick n Pay's 'Stay Alert Stay Alive'.

"Obviously we also focus on the dangers of worn shock-absorbers which are an integral part of a vehicle’s safety triangle: Steering, Stopping and Stability."