6 tips for safer holiday night-driving

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 NIGHT DRIVING PERILS: Travelling in the dark to reach your holiday destination can be a daunting experience. Our tips will help you get through those gloomy mornings and dark nights. Image: Shutterstock ~ Shutterstock

Travelling in the dark requires drivers to take extra precautions,and our tips will help you get through those gloomy mornings and dark nights.

South Africa's roads can be dangerous at the best of times but our made even more so at night when visibility is poor.

These top six tips for driving at night could save your life:


Always check that your windscreen, rear window and exterior mirrors are clean before starting your journey. Visibility is poor in the dark so clear your windows of any mist or dirt to help you see what is going on around you.


Use your headlights so you can see other people on the road and ensure they can see you. When visibility is poor, use the headlights of the car ahead of you to guide you. This will help you see further ahead. Check your lights regularly and make sure they are working correctly.


When you are driving on a road without street lighting you should switch on your main beam. It shows you what is ahead and will help you identify both dangers and opportunities better. However, to avoid dazzling other road users, dip your lights for approaching traffic.


If you’re required to wear glasses while driving make sure you wear them in the dark, and keep a spare pair in your glove compartment. To ensure your night vision is not affected any further avoid looking directly at other vehicles lights – let their lights guide you to see further ahead.

Simply look to the side of them to see past them, rather than directly at them.


Reflective road signs and 'cats eyes' are designed to help you drive in poor light. Use these to help you see ahead and show you the direction of the road.


Expect street lights to be switched off in the early hours of the morning and be prepared to increase your stopping distance. Judging the speed of oncoming vehicles is harder in the dark. Reduce your speed and watch out for dazzle on dark sections of the road.