Yaris: Perfect car for back-seat babes

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 FIT FOR A MANGER? Darcy Ryan was born in the back of his parents, Daniel and Heather's, Toyota Yaris en route to hospital. Image: Toyota ~ Supplied

Darcey and Nathan both make early arrivals in the family Toyota

LONDON, England - Two proud families have welcomed their latest additions into the world, not in the conventional surroundings of a maternity ward, but inside their Toyota Yaris.

Born on consecutive days, Nathan Saru and Darcey Ryan both arrived while en route to hospital.

Sashi and Anisha Saru, from Dover, South East England, were anticipating baby Nathan would be born on schedule on October 1 2014, but having loaded up their Yaris for the trip to hospital, their son decided to make an early appearance.


As mom Anisha’s contractions took hold, they had no option but to park by the side of a roundabout and let nature take its course. Luckily Sashi’s mother Dhan was in the car and was able to help as a stand-in midwife. Now a party of four, the Sarus were able to complete their journey to hospital, where mum and son were given further medical care.

It was a similar course of events the following day in Staffordshire, West Midlands, where Daniel Ryan was driving his wife Heather to hospital in Nuneaton after she went into labour five weeks early. Darcey wasn’t prepared to wait for mum and dad to get through the rush-hour traffic and was delivered in the footwell of the Yaris, just as an ambulance crew arrived to help.

Built in Europe, the Toyota Yaris underwent a rigorous development programme to ensure that it copes with all the demands of modern motoring, from on-board comfort to five-star safety. Unofficially, it might now have also earned a reputation as a genuine “special delivery” vehicle.