Road Accident Fund: #Takecharge to make roads safer

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 ROAD SAFETY CAMPAIGN: Hot on the heels of its Easter 'Meet the #FutureYou campaign', the Road Accident Fund will once again take its road safety message to the public. ~ Shutterstock

Road crash fatalities and injuries represent an unacceptably high global problem affecting all sectors of society.

Drivers, pedestrians and road users alike run the risk of perishing on the road due to irresponsible driving habits such as speeding, use of alcohol, being fatigued, and overtaking when it is not safe to do so.

Hot on the heels of the Easter roll-out of Meet the #FutureYou campaign, the Road Accident Fund (RAF) will once again take its road safety message to the public from April 26 to May 05 2015.


#TakeCharge and #FutureYou advertising will be broadcast on radio - Metro FM and Jacaranda FM; online advertising on Times Live, Sowetan Live, MSN, News24; Wheels24, Fin24, Parent24; weather sponsorship on SABC 1 and various media platforms with message maps to encourage road users to travel with caution on the roads during these upcoming April holidays.

RAF chief marketing officer, Phumelela Dhlomo, says while RAF’s mandate is to compensate crash victims, the Fund has identified many areas in road safety which were previously neglected.

Dhlomo said: “To remedy this, we are heightening awareness of Government’s 365 Days Road Safety Programme.

The Fund will continue to remind people about its existence with the hope that they will never need us if they all adhere to the rules of the road.”


Meet the #FutureYou campaign’s key focus is to motivate road users who are travelling on vacation or are visiting family, to reach their #FutureYou by arriving safely at their destinations. Everyone wants to see tomorrow. Everyone wants to progress to the next stage in their life and live their dreams to the fullest.

Dhlomo said: “We want you to live long enough to meet the #FutureYou; stay awake and alive on the road during this Easter period.”

In the event of a crash, victims are encouraged to register their claims directly with the Fund.

To learn more about road safety tips follow our campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #TakeCharge#FutureYou and #RAFRoadSafety.