Reckless rider endangers little girl

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The place was Edenvale, east of Johannesburg - just another sunny day on the Highveld but probably a seriously scary one for a very little girl.

She was spotted by a camera-equipped car driver on the pillion seat of a high-powered motorcycle outside a sports bar, the rider revving the machine and ready to go. He eventually takes off at high speed on to a surburban road, the three-year-old clinging to his back.


A red light proved no obstacle as the rider drove straight through it then stalled at another traffic light before revving loudly again and setting off again, the child still aboard.

Really sad is the commentary from the youngster in the camera car.

Even worse, the little girl was wearing only a child's bicycle helmet. The video shows the bike's number plate - whether the police ever acted on the rider's obviously stupid behaviour is not known.

We hope so...