Gas cylinders explode on highway

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 LOOKOUT! A highway becomes a warzone as exploding cylinders spread destruction. ~
Did you ever wonder what would happen if a truck carrying gas cylinders dropped its cargo on the road?
A dash-cam captured the moment a truck on a Russian highway loses control, crashes into a bus and dropped its load of gas cylinders on the road. Seconds later, the gas bottles explode!

What should you do if this happens to you?

1 Don’t panic
It’s understandable to want to flee the scene, and you should, but not in such a way as to be a danger to others. Be aware of vehicles around you, warn others of danger ahead by using your hazards and signal your intent to reverse/move out of the way.

2 Get out of harm’s way

Reverse away from the scene and pull over if possible. Beware of vehicles approaching as drivers may not be aware of what’s happened. Don’t attempt to film the scene at the risk of your safety- arriving at your destination intact is worth more than great footage.

3 Contact authorities
Only when you’re safe should you contact the authorities. Rescue workers will need to respond to the scene and to facilitate rescue/clean-up efforts create a path for emergency vehicles.
Watch the video: