From bad to worse: 4x4 recovery goes wrong

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 IN A BIT OF TROUBLE: Watch as a 4x4 recovery goes horribly wrong... ~
'Time and tide stop for no man', says the 14th-century proverb, and that was sure the case for adventurers Jason Andrews and Simon Anderson, hosts of a TV show called 'All 4 Adventure'. Watch as a 4x4 recovery goes horribly wrong!

Sometimes bad stuff happens, even on a holiday trip.


They forgot the major rule that "mud sucks" and tried to cross a river estuary when the going was plainly too soft - even the best 4x4 or 6x4 can't cross quicksand. Wheels24 knows first-hand after watching a gung-ho driver bog-down his 6x4 Land Rover on a wine farm near Worcester a few days after a major river flood.

The TV pair got themselves into a tough situation trying to cross the plainly too-soft terrain and then went on to botch a snatch-strap extraction - using a long elasticated belt between vehicles to boost the tow effort with the belt's stored kinetic energy.

They tried, but the tow vehicle tried to turn at the same time and that's a serious no-no, as the driver should have known.

Just as things got catastrophic, they got worse. The low-lying estuary started to flood with the incoming tide and the bakkie still belly-down in the mire.

Watch what happens eventually...