Crash: How not to tow a vehicle

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 FROM BAD TO WORSE: The tow truck driver should have checked whether the handbrake was engaged. Image: YOUTUBE ~
Something unpleasant seems to have happened to this car and its lady driver but anyway, a tow-truck has rocked up to help move the immobile car from the roadway.

All goes well to start with; the rolled car is hooked up diagonally and pulled back on to four wheels but then the tow disconnects and - horror - the handbrake isn't set on the car.


As what looks like the front bumper falls to the road the now mobile car follows the road camber and starts moving fast - directly towards a ravine.

The tow-truck says a rude word and the car disappears over the edge as the car's lady driver shows she isn't, well, a real lady with her own comment.

Just be careful out there - a road accident ain't over until the small lady swears.