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10 holiday checks we never think of

Mid-year holidays are on the horizon and families will be on the road. We have 10 important checks you should do before saying 'bon voyage'.


Under The Hood

Save big bucks - fix your own alloy rims

Hearing your rim scrape against the kerb or driving through a big pothole makes anyone cringe. So is the price of having your rims repaired.... read more


Arrive Safe

Danger in SA's mountains: 8 top driving tips

From rock slides to brake failure, South Africa's mountain passes are fraught with danger. Read our top tips for safe driving on high!

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On The Road

2015 Solar Drive ready for the desert

Ilanga II is back on the road, this time for the 2015 African Solar Drive, for a trip up north the continent.

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US biker deaths down: What's the secret?

Motorcycle deaths are on track to decline for a second year in the US thanks to a so far - on bikes - little-used road safety accessory.

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Pro's and con's of accredited driver-training

We've gone through the trouble of highlighting what local businesses should look out for when their employees undergo driver training.

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WATCH: W Cape govt responds to new SA road rules

The National Department of Transport has drafted a series of new road regulations. Siphesihle Dube, spokesperson for the Western Cape MEC of transport responds...

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