Hot hatches - Old vs New

Check out these 5 hatches and compare the old with the new.

5 most important cars

We take a look at 5 cars that revolutionised the automotive industry.

Promotional platforms

2004-09-02 12:05
  • There will be a 'Prize' competition aimed at the general public, enticing their loyal participation. This will be promoted by way of all our media partners, SMS messaging, and a 082 call-centre number.

    Prizes are to be sponsored by various manufacturers, and will be an across the board endeavour, incorporating cars, appliances, jet skis, holidays and so on.

  • The Fireball Run website where enthusiasts can learn more about their favourite teams. They will also be able to track the teams during the days of racing, as the 'Tracker' system will be employed, and linked to Wheels24.
  • 'Tracker' will track the race cars during the course of the day, and the course standings will be shown in the evening, during a 10 minute primetime programme. This will most definitely command a lot of awareness and following.

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