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Patrol wins top award

2002-10-04 16:13
The Patrol - mechanically identical to the five-speed automatic version introduced here - saw off a challenge from the likes of the Mercedes-Benz ML500, Jeep Cherokee Sport and Toyota Land Cruiser to win the coveted award.

In total, 22 vehicles were evaluated in both on and off road conditions, with the eight judges unanimous in awarding victory to the Patrol.

They praised the vehicle's powerful engine, occupant and luggage space, comfortable ride and predictable handling. This is the Patrol's third successive accolade in the magazine's Four-by-Four of the Year awards.

Even as far back as 1951 - the year in which Patrol was first introduced - the big Nissan station wagon was setting new standards for all-wheel-drive vehicles.

As part of the launch publicity, a Patrol reached the sixth stage of the 3 776 metre Mount Fuji in Japan, confirming the vehicle's reputation for being tough and reliable right at the outset.


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