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No 'real' Chevs for SA

2004-03-18 13:29

The Corvette C6 is not destined for South Africa

Wilmer Muller

According to Chevrolet South Africa the company will have to make use of other available products in the GM stable to be sold here under the Chev badge.

Chevrolet South Africa's marketing manager, Arthur Boyle, told Wheels24 that there is no American Chevrolet suitable for the local market.

The reason for this is because US Chevrolets, such as the Corvette, are only being built in left-hand drive.

According to Boyle GM also sees no immediate need to produce US Chevs in right-hand drive.

Cars such as Chevrolet's Corvette are exported to right-hand drive countries like Japan and the UK. Unlike South Africa legislation in those countries allows them to import left-hand drive products.

At the moment South African Chevrolets are Daewoo and Holden-based. The Spark, Aveo, Vivant and Optra are being built by GM's Daewoo plant in South Korea. The Chev Lumina is a re-badged Australian Holden.

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