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Honda tackles hijacks

2003-08-06 12:20

The Honda RoadRage Personal Attack System is a new security device for all drivers, but is aimed primarily at women drivers, the elderly and other vulnerable individuals who frequently drive solo and/or who may be carrying valuables or goods.

Supplied as a Genuine Honda Accessory, it offers a first line of defence against any road rage attack, both frightening off a potential attacker and alerting bystanders to an incident.

The warning system is activated by pressing a panic button mounted in a concealed position, within easy reach of the driver. Once pressed, this button activates a 120 decibels siren and causes the hazard lights to flash.

The siren is periodically interrupted with a loud voice message sounding: "Help, driver under attack, call the Police."

The siren, hazard lights and voice message continue until de-activated by the driver. The digitally recorded voice message is programmable as either a male or female voice option.

The RoadRage Personal Attack System is a stand-alone microprocessor controlled system, which can be installed in any vehicle including non-Hondas - and will not interfere with any other security system.

  • Although this system may work in foreign countries, most recent wisdom in South Africa indicates that it is the best to stay calm in a hijack situation and hand over the car. For more information how to handle a hijack situation click here


    It's the last Beetle...

    2003-07-31 10:55

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