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Anywhere, anytime

2004-06-10 17:17
We've made sure you can get the latest breaking news from News24 every time you're online, but what about when you're curled up on the couch, driving in your car, or even enjoying a braai with some friends?

Now you can get the latest national and international news, weather forecasts, sports scores and even lottery results - anywhere, anytime.

Through channel 59 on DStv you can access all the latest news on News24 with your remote control, and with News24 Mobile, you can keep up to date with our range of SMS services.

To kick off these new services, News24 is giving away five DStv dual view decoders and dishes, as well as five Nokia 6220 phones.

Click here to find out how you could become a winner with News24's 'Anywhere, anytime' promotion.

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