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2005-05-20 09:41

Schumacher, 36 - who worked under Briatore when he won back to back titles in the mid nineties - said the flamboyant Italian F1 principal 'often' shoots his mouth off.

"But not always does he mean such things," Michael smiled, "and often I am sure he doesn't even really think them.

"I know him well enough to not feel concerned."

Schumacher's manager, though, hit back with much more fervour at 54-year-old 'Flav'.

'How old is he?' Willi Weber slammed.

"He needs stronger glasses if he cannot see the fire in Michael's eyes."

Briatore, meanwhile, continued to paddle away from the 'too old' comments at Monte Carlo on practice Thursday.

"In the way (Bunte magazine) wrote it," he insisted, "I did not say. Michael can stay for as long as he likes!" -GMM

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