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2005-06-01 16:48

Cologne's chief engineer Dieter Gass contradicted team president John Howett when he revealed that Toyota 'may' soon bring out a 'b' version TF105.

Howett denied German speculation that the TF105B would debut next month and be up to half a second a lap quicker.

"We may bring out a B-version ... later in the year," said Gass, "but we are looking at a lot of different options at the moment."

He said Cologne chiefs 'have not decided yet' if the 'B' will be pursued. "It could be difficult," Dieter explained, "as testing is limited and a new car would need quite a lot of testing."

Team driver Ralf Schumacher, meanwhile, blasted the 'B' rumour.

"There is no need for a new car," said the German. "I would like to know where these journalists get their information from. I think I would be told." -GMM

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