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2004-12-20 15:02

Also president of Ferrari owner Fiat, Luca di Montezemolo said the desire to curb Ferrari's advantage by banning 'training' is akin to stopping soccer practice and 'manipulation.'

The Italian told La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper: "If I want my team to test for five days a week that is my problem. It's my money - if I throw it out of the window, that's my decision."

Montezemolo defended the tough stance by insisting there is a difference between cutting costs - 'a good idea' - and affecting the 'internal decisions' of individual competitors.

He therefore supports the new one-engine-per-two-weekend V10 rule, and the new-for-2006 2.4-litre V8 formula.

"It's a technical challenge ... and at the same time it (will) cost less," he said. -GMM

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