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2005-05-23 11:47

But the Melbourne born entrepreneur says the airline business is a walk in the park compared to the 'dog eat dog' world run by Bernie Ecclestone.

Stoddart has vowed to launch his Adelaide based business-class airline, OzJet, in September.

But airline rival 'Virgin Blue' chairman Chris Corrigan said that, if the Spanish grand prix is anything to go by, Stoddart's rivals won't be worried.

''I saw the start of (the Barcelona race),'' he told Queensland's Courier Mail newspaper, ''and (Stoddart's) two Minardi cars were stillborn on the starting line.''

Corrigan dryly smiled: ''It ... was a little prophetic for me.''

Stoddart, though, countered by urging his competitors to 'live' with OzJet. ''To actually fight with us,'' said the Australian, ''is not really going to make anyone win.''

However, he said he enjoys airline politics more than 'dirty' F1.

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