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2005-06-03 14:49

Indian physiotherapist Balbir Singh - a masseuse, dietician and 'spiritual guide' for the seven time world champion - reportedly told Schumacher that he wants to spend more time with his German wife and children.

"I have left them alone for a long time now," Singh - to open a 'meditation' business - told the German 'Bild' newspaper.

Schumacher, 36, expressed regret at 41-year-old Balbir's F1 retirement. "I will miss him," said the German. "He is one of the few people in the world I totally trust."

The Ferrari driver's PR lady, Sabine Kehm, explained that Singh 'takes care' of Schumacher at all grands prix.

"But it's more than spicy food, special drinks and massage," she said. "He calms him down -- they have an understanding."


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