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2005-06-01 16:48

One such ally is Pedro de la Rosa, test driver for McLaren.

The Spaniard said grand prix racing must sometimes seek a compromise between safety and spectacle.

"I like the rule," he told Spanish newspaper Marca. "We have seen that the result is often really good racing."

Although team cohort Kimi Raikkonen crashed at the Nurburgring and could've been injured, de la Rosa defends his fondness for the single-tyre rule by claiming that Formula One is already 'very safe.

"But it can certainly do with a little more spectacle. (The decreased safety) is a side effect."

Backed up by Renault's Denis Chevrier, Pedro also baulked at the prospect of yet more rule changes.

"Thanks to the new tyre rules," Chevrier - head of engine operations - marvelled, "(the Nurburgring race) was a fantastic spectacle." -GMM

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