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2005-06-06 10:37

It might not be the popular cliché, but it's spot on in the case of Formula One's little big-man, Bernie Ecclestone.

But Slavica Ecclestone - the explanation, incidentally, for the naming of 'SLEC' - said her 74-year-old man is hardly at home.

"He asked me one night this week why Tamara did not go to school," Slavica told Germany's Welt am Sonntag. "I said 'Bernie, your daughter has finished her exams and will never go to school again'."

So (billions aside), what's in it for Mrs. Ecclestone?

"He comes home after 8pm each night," she continued, "eats dinner ... then goes to bed. He can't even sit still for two minutes on the sofa.

"His job aside, nothing interests Bernie -- he has no hobbies and most people bore him." - GMM

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