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2005-05-31 10:44

Spain's Marca newspaper said on Monday morning that the 23-year-old, who inherited a lucky win in Germany at the weekend, has Michael Schumacher's title 'in the bag.'

Even on Ferrari's home turf, Italy, the media thinks Schumacher has done his dash. La Gazzetta dello Sport recalled the scarlet triumph at the Nurburgring a year ago, and that it 'feels like decades ago.

"No progress has been made since Monaco," said the daily. "Schumacher's inability to pass the Sauber of Felipe Massa says it all."

Similarly, Italy's Corriere della Sera said Kimi Raikkonen 'gave the title to Alonso' by crashing in Germany.

"(Kimi's) suspension failure on the last lap opened the gates of triumph for the Spaniard." -GMM

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