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Kimi told to cut boozing

2005-06-07 12:10

Driver-turned-commentator Martin Brundle reckons the 25-year-old Finn can still grab the 2005 world championship.

"But that kind of bad publicity ... feeds your rivals," he told the Sun newspaper. "Can you imagine how much Michael Schumacher enjoyed reading all that stuff?"

In recent memory, Kimi has been snapped on a city footpath, seen drunk at a Finnish party, and accused of exposing himself in a strip club.

Brundle, a former McLaren pilot, said the days of 'James Hunt-style' drivers are over.

"It isn't going to please the people signing off the millions," the Briton continued.

At least KR, though, has a decent McLaren in 2005. Brundle said Ron Dennis had better hope the trend is maintained.

"If McLaren don't give Kimi a championship winning car sooner rather than later," Brundle warned, "inevitably he'll go elsewhere as soon as ... he can."


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