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2005-05-31 10:44

With that, though, Ferrari's Jean Todt suggested that Bridgestone interprets the new single race tyre regulation in a 'conservative' - ie. safer - way.

"It is a tough rule," the Frenchman said just a few hours after Kimi Raikkonen's silver car speared into the wall, and referring to the single tyre per grand prix reign.

He intimated that while Ferrari 'pay the costs' in qualifying, Michelin - pushing the competitive barrier - may be taxing the limits of their grand prix product.

While Todt used the situation for a quiet jab, others - like BMW's Mario Theissen - aimed fire at the rule itself.

"I think it would be better to have a standard-spec tyre," the German said. "We should keep an eye on it."

Red Bull's Christian Horner had little sympathy, rhetorically asking: 'Did (Kimi) need to push that hard?

"Good management is all part of the new rules." -GMM

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