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2005-03-23 10:48

That's the defiant stance of Maranello principal Jean Todt, who had a copy of the eight teams' scathing letter sent to him.

Excluding Ferrari-powered Sauber, every F1 team signed the admonition of Ferrari's snubbing not only of the 'gentleman's' test agreement, but the long-held 'Suzuka' accord.

"I have a question," the Frenchman fired - "If they want to reduce costs, why didn't they come to the (FIA) meeting?

"Sometimes in life we disagree. The important thing is to be able to look at yourself in the mirror, and we can."

But, gentleman's agreement or not, how can Todt justify violating established guidelines such as that prohibiting Monday running, or testing during grand prix week and the race weekend itself?

"We denounced (the agreement) in a letter," Todt explained. "They made a new agreement and we're not part of it." -GMM

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