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2004-12-21 10:24

That's the claim of Jarno Trulli, the Italian driver who last week celebrated with new employer Toyota at a Christmas dinner party near Cologne.

When at Renault in 2004, 31-year-old JT was one of just a trio of other drivers to ever beat a scarlet car to the chequer.

Trulli reckons Maranello HQ could send everyone home this winter and still turn up in Melbourne with a winner.

"They have such an advantage," he told Gazzetta dello Sport, "that they would still be at the front. I'm not sure how much they will dominate but I believe they will be in front of everybody else."

At the Toyota party he gave every team member in attendance a bottle from his own wine label. "I am already part of the family," he grinned. -GMM

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