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2005-06-01 16:48

The Minardi principal, although a political enemy of Max Mosley, said Kimi Raikkonen's Sunday crash at the Nurburgring was 'predictable.'

He told The Sun: "If (the rule) is not changed and there is a serious incident then the blame will lie at the feet of the FIA president."

Bridgestone, on the other hand, refused to weigh in on the argument about whether it produces more 'conservative' (or safer) tyres for the single race rule than Michelin.

But a spokeswoman did say: "(Our) first priority is to ... ensure the tyres are as safe as possible.

"It should also be remembered that tyre manufacturers give guidelines to their teams on the safe use of their tyres and it is up to the teams to respect (them)." -GMM

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