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2005-05-20 09:41


While, on the surface, the banks - without the F1 'supremo' to steer the ship - might decide to sell their 75% commercial stake either back to Bernie or to the threatening carmakers, there might just be a bit more at play.

"I've heard all the rumours and stories," McLaren 'F1 CEO' Martin Whitmarsh told The Guardiannewspaper, "(and) I don't understand the rationale."

Minardi's Paul Stoddart, a fierce Mosley foe, sees the possible appointment as a step in the right direction for teams and manufacturers that no long appear willing to deal with the FIA president.

He said: "Perhaps this is a way of unlocking the solution."

The Australian entrepreneur also said Mosley's hopes of winning the next FIA election with the 'status quo' in tact, would be nigh on laughable. -GMM

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