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2005-05-31 10:44

The 25-year-old's intended return to Frank Williams' squad last year backfired at the contract recognition board.

It may, though, have been a blessing, given BMW's questionable long-term commitment to the team at Grove.

BAR, on the other hand, is part owned by Japanese carmaker Honda. "Given Honda's commitment to BAR and their record in this sport," said team 'CEO' Nick Fry, "I believe any driver would be happy to race here next year."

The onion in the ointment, however, is Williams' 'option' on Jenson Button, that would reportedly compel him to move if BAR does not achieve 75 per cent of the title leader's points tally in July.

Even so, Fry is bullish.

"Our situation is very clear. We have to win a race and keep Jenson," he insisted. -GMM

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