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Martinengo spills on MPH, Clarkson

2008-01-24 07:22
The latest edition of the MPH show is coming to town, hosted by the madcap Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard "The Hamster" Hammond and brought to you by BP Ultimate.

We caught up with the local act in the gig, radio and TV personality Sasha Martinengo, to see what he had to say about this year's live motoring theatre performance - and working with "those two"...

What was it like working with Clarkson and Hammond on last year's show?

Sasha Martinengo:
It was initially quite daunting. You have to remember that those two work together just about every day, so they're really used to being around one another. But they made me feel very very comfortable from the start. That was nice.

How did it feel being approached to co-host the local version of the MPH show for a second time?

I was overwhelmed! And extremely chuffed that they felt comfortable enough to include me again this year.

Do you expect more of the same from this year's show?

I expect great things. It's a brand new show, so that will be fantastic. I was meant to see the latest show in November last year, but job commitments got in the way.

I was recently on the phone to Andy Wilman, who is the producer for MPH '08 and executive producer for Top Gear, discussing some local points for this year's show.

You know, last year we added some local elements, like we had local taxis in the show. We have a few surprises this year too, but I won't share them with you...

After last year's show, did you guys keep in touch at all? The occasional text, shared family holidays maybe?

I haven't spoken to Richard since last year, but Jeremy and I keep in touch with the occasional e-mail. It's actually nice to know he takes the time out of his busy schedule to respond to e-mails and say hi.

It's no secret that you're a big Ferrari fan. How many do you own?

None. But I have many 18-scale little Ferraris. Radio and TV doesn't pay enough to allow me to buy one.

Perhaps you should get in touch with your local Ferrari importer? They could help you out with a nice set of sponsored wheels?

I actually am very friendly with the guys in Joburg and Cape Town, but if Michael Schumacher has to pay to drive one, there's no way I'll be getting a sponsored car!

And if you had to buy one, which one (or more) would it be?

The ultimate Ferrari for me will always be the Enzo - that would be the ultimate. But I love the 612 Scaglietti, there's something unbelievably sexy about that car.

What is your daily driver?

An Alfa Romeo 156 GTA.

If you were to replicate any of the stunts performed in the show, which would it be?

Burn-out. That would work, even though it (156 GTA) is a front-wheel drive, it has lots of power so we could definitely have some fun.

  • Catch Sasha Martinengo and the rest of the MPH '08 crew at the Coca-Cola Dome from 31 January to 3 February.

    Ticket prices for adults are R170 (standard) and R270 (premium) and tickets for children under 12 are R100 (excludes prime time show at 20:00 on Friday and Saturday evenings).

    Tickets are on sale and can be bought through the Computicket website or by dialing 083 915 8000. All prices include Computicket charges.


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